Monday, January 10, 2011

Yarn Wreath

Before I begin this post let me show you some lovely yarn wreaths that I found browsing around online and you will see why I'm obsessed :)

Christmas yarn wreath- I love this one, so classic and pretty and I love what they did with the felt diamonds!

Easter yarn wreath! SO pretty and pastely!

Halloween yarn wreath- spooky yet pretty!

I must learn how to make this lovely flower... this is just gorgeous!

I love the unexpected color combo of mustard and mint on this one!

Corn flower blue is my very favorite color and I love the colors that they chose to accent this wreath- it really pops!

This is a really great modern looking Christmas wreath, I love how they hung the ornaments in the middle.

This winter I went a little Christmas craft crazy. OK, allot Christmas craft crazy. It was a joke in our house that we weren't able to enjoy a holiday meal around our table because it was always covered in Christmas craft supplies! I finished my last project and cleared and put away all crafting supplies the Sunday before Christmas :) I have a few Christmas craft posts saved up for next holiday season, that's for sure! One of the crafts I did was inspired by my friend Chiara over at Calico and Cupcakes . She made a gorgeous ribbon wreath and I happened to have some spools of random Christmas ribbon that I didn't know what to do with so I whipped one up- dontcha love when things work out like that? After I finished that craft it got me thinking about wreaths so I started googling images and stumbled upon the world of yarn wreaths.
Danielle over at Take Heart (where I originally found the inspiration for my first yarn wreath and a great step by step tutorial) says that she is smitten with yarn wreaths and I just have to say so am I! My husband officially deems me obsessed. Yarn wreath obsessed. I'm okay with that :) I love this cozy, fun and easy project so much that I even made a couple as gifts this holiday season. They are so easy and fun to make I am actually considering making one for every season and/or major holiday. I mean, how cute would a Valentines yarn wreath be? or an Easter yarn wreath? commeon!!! :) OK, obsessed might just accurately describe me. We've gone yarn wreath crazy over here... join me wont you?

I am not going to post a step by step tutorial as I followed a great one over at Take Heart and there are many available on the web. Here are a couple of my finished projects!

This is a really easy, inexpensive craft that is totally customizable to the person you are making it for or for the season or holiday. A large wreath takes only one skein of yarn which is about 3 bucks and a sheet of felt is only about 30 cents so including the straw wreath and whatever embellishments you want to use you can make a wreath for about 10 dollars. Easy, inexpensive and cute. :) I ♥ yarn wreaths!


jesika said...

I absolutely love the yellow one! and you are way too funny!

Chiara said...

You did such a great job! I gave up on my yarn wreath. I couldn't stand the wrapping around and around. Patience is something I am working on in life--lol. Maybe you have a secret to doing it faster? I love all the examples you show here, and your wreaths are just as amazing. Super job, Amanda!

Hanners said...

Amanda... blogging once a month just isn't going to cut it for all of us loyal readers...

Meesh said...

Great wreaths!

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